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Easy, Breezy Leases.

Buying a property as an investment to rent out is entirely different to buying a property to live in.

Before starting your rental journey, read the FAQs and answers below to help prepare you before submitting an offer.



Does it cost you as a Tenant to use a Realtor?

No, it’s absolutely FREE!  Yes that’s right, it is free to use a Realtor to help you find a place. It is the Landlord of the unit who pays the commission, usually one months rent, of which the Landlords’ Agent and myself share half a month each. 


What documents do you need?

It is crucial that your agent has all of the documents needed to submit with your Rental Application before you start to look at properties. This list outlines the documents that you need to prepare with respect to preparing a Rental Application. The Toronto rental market is highly competitive and landlords can be very selective. In order to position you as the best candidate, and avoid any setbacks, it's best to have these documents prepared in advance. 

  1. Letter of Employment

  2. Full Equifax Credit Report

  3. Two Most Recent Paystubs

  4. Copy of photo government ID

  5. Rental Application (provided by your agent)

  6. References



How is the rental market in Toronto?

The Toronto rental market is very competitive and you have to be quick to secure a great place to live. It is not uncommon to have 3-6 renters all bidding on the same property within a short space of time. This means that sometimes we have to think of other strategies to help secure that new home. Discuss what other options are available, depending on your situation, and what the Landlord is looking for – every unit is different.



Once your rental application has been accepted, you are likely to submit your FIRST and LAST month’s rent as your deposit within 24 hours of your rental offer being accepted, and this is usually paid by bank draft, certified cheque or a wire transfer from your bank. Please make sure that you have enough funds in your account to cover this amount. If you do not submit the deposit within 24 hours, your Agreement to Lease could become null and void as you have not fulfilled the terms of the Agreement.


Ready to get started? Connect with us and let’s talk about your goals for selling your home.

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